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tbh i'm not so sure what my blog is or if i'm that committed to blogging anymore but what i am sure of is that i like tv shows and anime and various other things and i like to post them here sometimes! how bout that.

hey i’m still alive

treatment sucks


ok so long story short: my parents went through with sending me off to a boarding school for troubled teens in Utah. idk how long I’ll be there and I also have no idea if I’ll have any access to the internet. I realize this is rly sudden but there’s legit nothing I can do they didn’t even tell me I was going till I was in the car so. yeah hopefully this hiatus won’t be long and ill be able to blog but I can’t make any promises.

Best of PLLThe New Normal


kanye approaches kim with a dozen roses. “no one man should have all these flowers” he says as he hands her one while keeping the other 11.


exclusive game of thrones season 17 footage dany finally makes it westeros

Princess Tutu Ep. 2 | Ahiru and Rue's pas de deux